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Help :: Hide Files


Hide files is Blackberry Playbook software which helps in maintaining privacy of data. Hide files can hide pictures, documents, videos and any other type of file from unwanted people. Hide files will protect files avoiding them to be being modified, seen or erased by other users.

It is great help for professionals as well as home users. Its password protected features allow only authenticated person to access the hidden files. Hide files allows hiding files and folders from viewing, accessing and searching completely, so that only authenticated user know that those files or folders exist.

Once user hide files/folders, Hide Files will not reveal its presence in system, and the files will be hidden until users unhide them. No one can find out if any of the files or folders is hidden.

 Now blackberry playbook can be shared between friends and colleagues without any hesitation of lost of confidential data.!!

Below are the features of "Hide Files" :

-- Password protection

-- Hide any photos, videos, documents, songs etc.

-- Multi select - Add multiple items at a time to the hidden items list.

-- File Manager - Inbuilt file manager to view all files on Blackberry Playbook

-- Hide/Unhide all of the items in the list at a time.

-- Hide/Unhide only the selected items.

-- Remove all/selected items at a time from the list making the removed item visible again.

-- Inbuilt viewer for viewing the files.e.g. Any picture/videos/songs/docs can be viewed from the software itself.

-- Simple and intuitive interface


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