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Help: Sync My iTunes : Start of Sync Process


Start of Sync Process :

Once you have clicked on "Sync Selected" button or "Sync entire Music Library" button,you will get the window below.

Great Job ! You have setup the music that you want to Sync on Playbook.

But before we start with the sync process,you have to learn first how can you connect your Blackberry Playbook to you computer using Wi-Fi or Cables.


 Waiting For Client

Next : Connect Playbook to PC using Wi-Fi or Cables


Quick Jump to topic :

a) Introduction of Sync My iTunes

b) Installation of Sync My iTunes

c) Starting Main Application

d) Opening and Working with the main window

e) Start of Sync Process

f) Connecting Playbook using Wi-Fi or Cable

g) During Sync of Music/Video