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Help : Sync My Files: Introduction


Part1 : Introduction : Sync My Files 

Directly Sync/copy Files from Removable drives,Pen drives,iPod,CD/DVD drives,hard disks to your Playbook.Sync My Files can copy files over Wi-Fi or Cable directly to your Playbook device.Just Sync any Song,video,PDF,DOC or any other file with Playbook directly from any source without copying it to your PC! 

Below are the features of Sync My Files: 

a) Sync Wirelessly using Wi-Fi ! No wires at all.Wired connection is also supported if Wi-Fi is not available. 

b) Sync files from any Removable/Portable drive 

c) Sync your Pen drives with Playbook directly. 

d) Sync Movies/songs/files from CD/DVD to Playbook directly. 

e) Sync iPod with Playbook directly. 

f) Support for large size files. 

g) Resume Support. 

h) Sync selected files or all of the files in a directory. 

i) Preview of files is supported.You can even Play the selected songs/videos/pictures or open the files before the sync to ensure that what you are selecting is correct. 

j) Enhanced user interface. e.g. The animated progress bar 

k) Auto Categorization of files.This means that while Synching, the documents will be moved automatically to Document folder,Music will be moved automatically to Music folder and etc. 

l) Sync your Desktop,My Documents,My Pictures,My Music,Favorites directly with Playbook. 

m) Auto Detection of Removable drives. 

Moreover the Sync can be done wirelessly. No wires at all.

Architecture :

Sync My Files contains two programs.One program runs on Playbook.You can download this program from Blackberry App store.The second program runs on windows.The windows program can be downloaded from here.


Click to go to Sync My Files download Page


Once you have completed the download of Windows software , click on Next link below to go to Our Next article.

Next : Installation of Sync My Files on Windows


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a) Introduction of Sync My Files

b) Installation of Sync My Files

c) Starting Main Application

d) Opening and Working with the main window

e) Start of Sync Process

f) Connecting Playbook using Wi-Fi or Cable

g) During Sync of Files/Music/Video/Pictures