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Help : Upload To PC : Introduction


Part1 : Introduction : Upload To PC 

Directly Upload any file(s) from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ to your PC.Upload To PC can upload any mp3,photo,video,pdf,doc or any other file over Wi-Fi or Cable directly to your PC from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ device.
Below are the features of Upload To PC:
a) Upload/Send files Wirelessly using Wi-Fi to PC ! No wires at all.Wired connection is also supported if Wi-Fi is not available.
b) You can select multiple files at a time and send to PC.You can send even 100 files in a single click to your PC.
c) Upload any number of Songs/video/MP3/PDF/Doc etc from Playbook to your PC.
d) It maintains the history of files which are sent to PC.Using this feature you can send the file to PC again easily if required.
e) Support for large size files.
f) Resume Support.
g) Preview of files is supported.You can even Play the selected songs/videos/pictures or open the files before upload from within the software itself to ensure that what you are sending is correct.
h) Enhanced user interface. e.g. The animated progress bar
i) Accelerated upload speed.
Moreover the Sync can be done wirelessly. No wires at all.
The second program runs on windows.The windows program can be downloaded from 

Architecture :

Upload To pC contains two programs.One program runs on Playbook.You can download this program from Blackberry App store.The second program runs on windows.The windows program can be downloaded from here.

Please Note : The server program is only available for Windows.

Once you have completed the download of Windows software , click on Next link below to go to Our Next article.

Next : Installation of Upload To PC on Windows


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a) Introduction of Upload To PC

b) Installation of Upload To PC

c) Starting Main Application

d) Opening and Working with the main window

e) Start of Upload Process

f) Connecting Playbook using Wi-Fi or Cable

g) During Upload of Files/Music/Video/Pictures