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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac


Note : The help pages are same for all devices including Playbook,BB10 and BBOS 5,6,7 based devices.

Welcome to the help page for Mac.

Before starting,let us talk about the prerequisite.

Prerequisites :

a) Java - Java must be installed on the Mac.Java can be installed from : http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572

The appropriate version of java is available from http://support.apple.com

b) Blackberry Link : Blackberry Link for Mac installes the necessary support for Blackberry 10 device.This should be installed so that the device could be detected 

by Sync My iTunes.Please download and install it from  http://www.blackberrry.com/blackberrylink

c) Sync My iTunes Server : Sync My iTunes has two components.One runs on Blackberry 10 device.The second one runs on Mac.

Please download the server from http://www.runisoft.com/downloads/syncmyitunes/mac/SyncMyiTunes.dmg.zip

Note : The download is a ZIP file.Please extract the ZIP file to a folder.You will get a dmg file.Double click on the dmg file and run the installer.The program gets installed to "Applications".After installation you can run SyncMyiTunes from "Applications".

Types of Sync :

Sync My iTunes offers two types of Sync.

a) Wired Connection Sync - Syncs when you connect the Blackberry 10 device using wire to Mac.

b) Wireless Sync - It can be used to Sync wirelessly. 

Now we will see how the wired connection could be setup.


Next - Setting up wired connection 



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