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Help: Stream My iTunes : Connecting Playbook using Wi-Fi


Connecting Playbook to Computer using Wi-Fi:


IMP : Firewalls can block the software on system.make sure that you either turn off the firewall temporarily or add the program as an exception to your firewall.

If The firewall warns you that StreamMyiTunes is trying to accept incoming connection,click on Allow.This will also do.If you allow the program,firewall will not create connection problems from next time.

Wi-Fi :


Step 1:

Making Wi-Fi connection :

In order to connect via Wi-Fi,your PC and Playbook should be connected to same Router using Wi-Fi.Make sure that your Playbook's Wi-Fi is on and it is showing that it is connected to the Network.You can see the Wi-Fi status by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon of your Playbook.The best check will to make sure that you can browse internet on both your Playbook and PC using the same router connection.

See the below two screenshots.You will see that in this case,both Playbook and Computer are connected to same Wi-Fi network 

called "iBall-Baton".


wifipb  wifi



Step 2: Open Stream My iTunes on your Playbook.Click on "Connect & Sync Button" as shown below :


Step 3: It will ask you to enter the IP address of your computer as shown in the image below.



Step 4: To get the IP address of your computer, right click on the tray icon and click on "My IP address" as shown below :



Step 5:  You will get the screen below.It shows all possible IP addresses your PC can have.Try them one by one unless your Playbook software connects successfully :



Step 6 : Once the connection is successful,the Sync will start automatically.



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