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Help: Stream My iTunes for Mac : Opening and Working with the main window


Opening and Working with the Main Window:

Now Stream My iTunes is installed on your machine.We hope by now you have installed "Stream My iTunes" on your Playbook from Blackberry App world as well.

Follow below steps on your PC to open the main window of Stream My iTunes :

Step 1 : On you PC,right click on the try icon and select "Show Main Screen" as shown below.The software needs internet connection so that it could function normally.


Step 2:  You will get the below window.This is the main screen of application.




Description- If you click on the Button "IP Address of the system",it will display all available ip addresses.Before clicking on this button make sure that you PC and Playbook both are coonected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Help Button takes you to the help page.

When started,Stream My iTunes check for the updates.If a new version is available,it will inform you.

At the last,the Status message is displayed.It informs about the present progress/status of you application.


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