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Help: Stream My iTunes for Mac : Start of Streaming Process


Start of Streaming Process :

Once the connection is made successfully to the Computer,you will get below screen.This screen will contain a left panel as 

shown in the scrrenshot below.It lists All Music,All Video and various Playlists that you have on your iTunes.

Note : If you do not see you playlists,left click on the tray icon on your Computer and click on "Refresh Playlists".Make sure your computer is connected to internet.After this connect on "Connect & Sync" again.

-- Stream My iTunes works on local connection.It does not consume your internet's bandwidth.Internet connection is only needed for some basic functionalities like checking for updates etc.


Now click on any item in the left Panel.It will display all of the songs inside that ite.playlist.(shown below)



To Start listening a song,click on any song in the right panel.The streaming will start.You will get the below window.



Below is the description of all buttons from left to right :

a) Back Button - To stop playing and go back to the main screen.

b) Previous song button - It will take you to the previous song in the list.(It will be disabled if the first song is being played in the list.)



c) Play button - Play the song

d) Pause button - Pause the song

e) Stop button - Stop playing the song

f) Next Song button - Play the next song in the list.


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