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Hide Files & Folders for Blackberry 10



Hide Files & Folders for BB10 :

Hide Files is a Blackberry 10 device software that can be used to Hide/Unhide Folder,Subfolder,pictures,music,documents,videos or any other type of file from unknown people.

Imp :

a) Hide Files will appear by name "Subscription" to increase the security and hide it from other people who use your phone.

b) Hide Files needs access to Shared Files.Hence make sure you have given that permission.(from Settings –> Security & Privacy –> Application Permissions->Subscription ->Shared Files access –> ON)

Apart from this,the BBM related permissions are also required for proper BBM integration.

IMG 00001615


Please watch the below video to understand the functionality :



Below topics cover some details about this application :

a) Main window : Below is the main window of the application :

IMG 00001507 new


-- Menu 1 - To bring the main menu,click on the button having three dots(shown above)

-- Menu 2 - On the bottom left corner,there is a scondary menu.It can be used to send us the suggestions or the BBm releated functionalities.

-- Swipe down from Top Bezel to bring the application menu.

-- To preview an item,select an item from the list as shown above.The file in list can be selected by tapping on it.Once the file is selected,click on "Preview" button to view it.

-- Click on "Products" button to view all other products from us.


b) Working with the main menu :


Once "Show Menu" button is clicked(the one with three dots in above screenshot),below menu will be displayed :

IMG 00001501


Details of buttons used :

a) Add Files : Click on this button to add files to the list of Hide Files.

b) Add Folder : Click on this button to add a folder.To select a folder,tap on the folder.You will get items inside folder.Click on any file inside that folder.Hide Files will automatically detect the folder and add it to the list.

c) Hide All : Hides all items in the list at once.

d) Unhide All : Makes all items in the list visible at once.

e) Hide Selected : Hides the selected files/folders.Items can be selected by tapping on them.Muliple selection is allowed.

f) Unhide Selected : Makes the selected files/folders visible again.

g) Remove selected : Removes the selected items from the list.

h) Remove All : Remove all items from the list.

i) Change password : Use it to change the password.

j) Change Secret Question : Use it for changing the secret question and answer.

k) Help : Opens the help page. 

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