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Downloads - Windows Phones


Download - Sync My iTunes Server for Windows Phone devices


Sync My iTunes program contains two parts.The first one runs on Windows and the second one runs on Windows Phone Device.Click on the download link below to download the Windows Program :

Download Sync My iTunes For Windows PC

Help on this program is available from below link :

Help on Sync My iTunes for Windows Phones

Note : Sync My iTunes needs activation.To activate this product,please download the  client application on your Windows Phone from Windows App Store.

The Windows Phone application is is available from below link :  

Sync My iTunes Phone app on Windows Store

 ** To download the client app from Phone,open the App Store on your Windows Phone  and search for "Sync My iTunes"

Sync My iTunes application requires Java to function properly.Hence Make sure if you have Java installed on the Windows Computer.Java can be downloaded and installed by clicking on below :