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Sync My iTunes For Windows Phones :: Help


Thank You for installing Sync My iTunes.In this help page we will tell you how to configure Wired Connection.

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Help Contents :

Right click on tray icon of Sync My iTunes and click "Wired Connection Sync".(If this is the first time,click on "Activate the Product")


Step 1 : You will get the window as shown below.Now you have to connect your Windows device to your computer using the cable.Once the cable is connected,make sure that the Phone and SD Card are detected.If you do not have a SD Card in the device,only Phone's Memory will be shown.



Step 2 : Now open the Sync My iTunes Client on the Windows Phone device and click on the Button Named "Register Device".The below screen will be displayed :

 wp ss 20130623 0001


Once the device is registered,the below message will be displayed.It will tell you about your device's unique id.Note down that unique id.


 wp ss 20130623 0003 - Copy

Note :The Sync operation is taken care of by the Server software that is installed on the Windows Machine.Windows Phone client is only used for Registering the device.

Step 3 : Now click on Next button that was being displayed in Step 1.If it is the first time you are using this application,you will get the below Activation screen :



 In the above text box,enter the Unique ID that you have noted down from the Windows Phone's Sync My iTunes app.(Step 2)

Once it is done,click on the "Activate" button.

Upon Successful Activation of the Product,you will get the below screen :


Activating ActSuccess

Hit on the Next button as shown above.

If everything goes fine,you will get the Screen below.Click on Next.



Note : In case no Windoews Phone is detected or Activation in unsuccessful,the Next button will be disabled.Also,error message will be displayed.In such cases,please reconnect the phone and hit Refresh button.

Step 4 : Now in the next screen you will get the screen displaying what to be synched and where to be synched.The first option is "Sync Entire Music Library".If this is selected,all songs will be synched to the Windows Phone device.Individual playlists could be synched as well.Also,you have to specify the Sync location to Phone Memory/SD card from this screen.


Make the necessary settings and hit the button "Start Synching".



The Sync will Start.That's it !!