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Sync My iTunes For Blackberry 10


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Description : 

Now with SD Card support and Auto Sync of iTunes songs,Playlists, Podcasts and Videos !! Just follow 4 easy steps and all of your iTunes songs,Playlists, Podcasts and Videos of PC/Mac will be created and synched with phone's SD card or Internal memory automatically.If any new song,Playlist,Podcast or Video is added on Windows/Mac computer,Sync My iTunes will automatically detect it and it will be copied and synched with BlackBerry® 10 Phone also.But wait. This is only one of the various features offered by Sync My iTunes.Sync My iTunes offers heavy customization to the iTunes Sync Process.You will have 100% control over what you want to sync and what you don't.If you do not want to sync every music or playlist,you can sync selected songs or Playlists as per your requirements.Not only this,it also syncs the Videos and Podcasts. What more? It also detects the internal Playlists of iTunes and Syncs them to your BlackBerry® 10 Phone.Even with these many features,It is available at a very reasonable price. 

Below are the features of Sync My iTunes: 

a) Auto Sync of iTunes songs,Playlists,Videos and Podcasts.Just connect your device and your media will be automatically synched with the Blackberry 10 device. There is no need to even click a button. 
b) Now supports SD card also ! You can sync music to either SD card or to the Phone memory as per the requirements. 
c) Sync Wirelessly using Wi-Fi ! No wires at all. 
d) Wired connection is also supported. 
e) Sync any Playlist which is present on iTunes.All playlists on your iTunes will be created in BlackBerry® 10 Phone also ! 
f) Sync selected songs from Playlist or the entire Playlist. 
g) Sync internal playlists of iTunes like "My Top Rated","Recently Added","Recently Played","Top 25 most Played"! 
h) Sync Entire Music collection at Once.Now it supports Podcasts also. 
i) Sync Selected songs from the Music selection 
j) You can even Play the selected songs before the sync to ensure that what you are selecting is correct. 
k) Resume Syncing from the last left song. 
l) Auto Categorization of Music in the respective directories of BlackBerry® 10 Phone. 
m) Inbuilt mechanism to skip the file which is already Synched before and is present on BlackBerry® 10 Phone. 
n) Inbuilt volume control. 
o) Improved mechanism for faster transfer rates. 
p) Enhanced user interface. e.g. The animated progress bar 
q) It can sync DRM free videos.For example if you have a MP4 video song ,that could be synched to BlackBerry® 10 Phone. 

iTunes contains various internal playlists for example : 90's Music,Classical Music,Music Videos,My Top rated,Recently added,Top 25 Most Played and etc. These playlists can also be synched and these playlists can be created on BlackBerry® 10 Phone using Sync My iTunes! 

Below are some screenshots :












right click


Auto Sync Capture




 Note :

You would also need to download the server on the Windows/Mac from below link :