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BlackBerry 10 applications





Ultimate Backup for BlackBerry 10


Privacy Suite Pro - Hide Files Folders SMS MMS & Contacts
Hide files,folders,SMS,MMS,contact,notes,camera+PB

Record My Calls Headless
Headless Call Recorder for BlackBerry®10 device.

Hide Files & Folders For BlackBerry 10
Hide Files+Folders+PB+Battery Info

SMS To Email Pro Headless
Forward SMS & MMS to any email address!

Super Email Blocker
Block unwanted/spam emails !

SMS Blocker Pro Headless
Headless SMS & MMS Blocker and Locker app !

Ringtone Creator
Make unlimited Ringtones from any MP3 song !

Print My Files for BlackBerry 10
Print Emails,SMS,Contacts,Photos,ClipBoard & files

Sync My iTunes for BlackBerry 10
Sync iTunes Music and Playlists in 4 easy steps !

Auto BCC for Emails
Auto send emails to BCC email ids.

Voice Reader Pro - Calls,SMS,MMS and Email Reader
Speaks Caller's/sender's name for Call,SMS,Email

Super Call Blocker
Native Call Blocker with Blacklist support

SuperZip Pro
Native tool to Unzip,Zip,Encrypt and email files.

SMS Ringtones Pro - 367 cool Ringtones
367 cool ringtones for SMS,incoming call,Alarm etc

Backup My Phone
Backup BlackBerry 10 device in three easy steps.

Battery Time Left
Know how much battery time is remaining for use.

Sync My Photos for BlackBerry 10
Sync your photos automatically with PC.

Sync My WMP for BlackBerry 10
Wirelessly Sync WMP's Music/Video/Pictures

Battery Level and Time Left
Get how much time is left in full discharge/charge

Upload To PC for BlackBerry 10
Wirelessly Send any file(s) from mobile to PC

Mobile Theft Security - Anti-theft System
Prevent Theft of Mobile phone.

Stream Songs Using iTunes
Wirelessly stream iTunes Music and Playlist !

Talking Ringtones Pro
186 female voice ringtones for Blackberry 10.

Voice Ringtones
363 Voice ringtones for BlackBerry 10.

Sync My Files Wi-Fi for BlackBerry 10
Wirelessly send files to Mobile from PC.

Invisible Icons for BlackBerry 10
Make wallpapers more visible using invisible icons