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Privacy Suite Pro


Thank You for installing Privacy Suite Pro for Mac.In this help page we will tell you how to use the app 

Note :To import a photo from iPhoto/Photos app to Privacy Suite Pro, please drag the photo from iPhoto to desktop or to a folder and add it to the application. The application will do the needful to add it to its own space.

The application is used to hide the Photos and Videos.Below are the functionalities :

a) Create a folder : using this option, a new folder can be created inside the application.This feature could be used to organise the contents in an appropriate way inside the app.

b) Import a folder : Using this functionality, all contents i.e. the Photos/Videos from the folder could be imported inside the application. Inside the Photos section, this option will import all photos of a folder. In the Videos section, this application will import all videos from a folder.

c) Add file(s) : sing this option, individual Photos/Videos could be added to the app. Please use the "cmd" button to add multiple Photos/Videos.

d) Home button : Use this button to get to the main root folder during the navigation.

e) Front and Back navigation arrow buttons: Us these two buttons to navigate to next and previous pages. f) Select Multiple : In order to select multiple items from the app, please make sure that this option is checked. Once this option is checked, multiple items could be selected and operations like delete and export could be performed on them.

g) Export selected : This option exports the files from the app to the computer.(It does not delete the file from app after export)

h) Delete selected : This option permanently deletes the selected files from the app.

** Warning : Please make sure to have a backup of the files before these are deleted. The deleted files could not be recovered****