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Photo Pixel Resizer for Mac


Photo Pixel Resizer for mac is an application that could change the size of a single or multiple photos/images at a time.It could change the pixel size of the application exactly as per the requirements. It also has the feature of maintaining the aspect ratio. This option prevents the images from stretching out.

The application is very easy to use. In order to resize an image, please browse for the files or the folder and add it to the application. Once you have added the photos/Images to the application, please specify the desired dimensions of the photos in the textboxes which are there at the top of the application.In the text boxes, please specify the new width and height.

Select Multiple : In order to select multiple items from the app, please make sure that this option is checked. Once this option is checked, multiple items could be selected and operations like remove and resize could be performed on them.In order to select all photos, please press the "Select All" button.

Resize selected : This option resizes the photos from the app as per the specified dimensions and saves them to the specified location on the computer.(It does not delete the file from app after resizing)

Remove selected : This option permanently deletes the selected files from the app.(It will not delete the original files from the computer). Once the photos are resized and saved to a location, the files inside the app could be deleted safely.

** Warning : Please make sure to have a backup of the files before these are deleted. The deleted files could not be recovered****